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We’re a team of experienced professionals in custom software development, with a vast background in delivering international projects for startups and SMEs. Do you want to take your product, team, or business efficiency to the next level? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

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Our History

From idea to execution and from a dream to actually scaling a business, you can follow our #sensidev quest.

What drives us

The latest technologies have always startled our senses, but we’re also driven by a healthy and constructive workstyle—this is the fertile ground for good ideas to develop. At Sensidev, we handle both your and our ideas with care, and we don’t forget that a transparent collaboration equals a happy collaboration. We thrive on diversity and are always eager to welcome new members on our team. New perspectives and approaches help us look upon our projects with another eye and they add the right tone to our sense of exploration.

Our values

Our values are our personal code and the foundation of every collaboration.



The road to a successful product or service is paved with collaboration and an accurate understanding of a business’s needs. We keep a transparent relationship with all our collaborators and make sure that we’re on the same page along the way.



In order to maintain the most efficient workflow, one of our company mottos is: 'Clarify first, execute later'. Efficiency involves being one step ahead of the problem, and we’re committed to this mindset.



Always adapting to the market needs, the client’s perspective or to the latest technologies. We value customer satisfaction first, and deliver working code every day in order to keep you updated.


Attention to detail

We handle all the details with care in order to deliver the most performant and secure solution.



We are trustful with our peers, always open to feedback and we take everybody’s professional input into account.



Differences make us unique. We are mindful of every peer and always keep in mind everybody’s preferred way to be treated. Inclusion and tolerance are strongly engraved in our state of mind, and we always strive to create a safe space for our team.

Meet the #sensidevs

Photo of Ionut

Ionuț Movilă

CEO & Co-Founder

Photo of Lucian

Lucian Corduneanu

Chairman & Co-Founder

Photo of Iulian Arabagiu

Iulian Arabagiu

Managing Director

Photo of Gabriel

Gabriel Ciocan

Front-End Developer

Photo of Ioana

Ioana Din

Talent Sourcing & Front-End Developer

Photo of Ioana Echim

Ioana Echim

React & Java Developer

Photo of Diana Prisăcar

Diana Prisăcar

Internal Comm & Operations

Photo of Gabriel Radu

Gabriel Radu

React Developer

Photo of Larisa Puiu

Larisa Puiu

React & React Native Developer

Photo of Mellisa Taizs

Mellisa Taizs

HR Generalist

Photo of George Sava

George Sava

React Developer

Photo of Alex Preda

Alex Preda

Python Developer

Photo of Andreea Rugescu

Andreea Rugescu

HR Generalist

Photo of Dragos Ispas

Dragoș Ispas

React Developer

Photo of Victor Ignat

Victor Boboşilă

Python Developer

Photo of Victor Ignat

Radu Nicoară

Python Developer

Photo of Victor Ignat

Stuhlmuller Monica

React Developer & QA Manual

Photo of Victor Ignat

Gabriel Macovei

React Nativ Developer

Photo of Victor Ignat

Alexandra Voinea

Product Owner