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We’re a team of experienced professionals.

We believe that everything is possible if you invest the right amount of time and energy in it.

Why Sensidev?

At Sensidev, we strive to contribute to the ever-evolving digital landscape with high-quality products that improve people’s lives. While bringing our clients’ ideas to life since 2012, we have managed to build our own software powerhouse with dedicated devs and new ideas emerging on the go. Sensidev fosters a culture of innovation for makers who are genuinely interested in building with care. With attention to detail and a passion for all-things-code, we are committed to continuously improving and learning from one another. We encourage our team to be autonomous and with a problem-solving mindset. Our environment is very inclusive and mindful, and therefore we are excited to collaborate with professionals with different backgrounds, skill sets, or perspectives. As long as we can align with the same core values, we can build better together.


We’re all human, not resources. We always keep in mind that everyone is different and adapt our company culture accordingly.

Exciting Projects

with an eye on what’s next

The projects we work on are forward-looking and always challenge us to keep up with the latest developments and trends in order to build competitive products.

Flexible Schedule

so you don’t have to reschedule

A great team is built on trust, and we fully trust our colleagues to do their work properly, without the classic 9-to-5. Of course, we have rules and deadlines, but the ultimate choice of program depends on each individual’s preferred time.

Startup Culture

for a good infrastructure

We believe in creative problem-solving and always create the right space and context for everybody to share their ideas and come with their own input to their projects.

Remote Work

to make the dream work

Your office can be on the beach or at Sensidev’s headquarters. It really depends on where you find yourself most productive and at peace. We believe in the freedom of remote work and has always been our way to go.

Fair Pay

because we’re fair play

This should be the de facto model for every company, but we know well that some after-work hours get neglected. At Sensidev, we each track our hours, and they get paid accordingly, with no misinterpretation.