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Finally, a good story about 2020

by Andreea Oproiuover 3 years ago 3 min read

2020 — a number that has come to scare most of the world’s population and a year whose name is not to be mentioned again so we don’t repeat its history.

Now, leaving the drama aside, here, at Sensidev, we actually love all numbers, and 2020 is one of them. Looking back to one of the most notable years in our short-lived lives, it wasn’t actually bad at all. While many companies were trying to reconfigure their working schedules and spaces, we went along with our projects, as we were already accustomed to remote work. While everybody was complaining about staying inside, our introverted sides actually enjoyed spending more time with our own thoughts and polishing the quality of our code. Basically, this is how it went:

More team members, more personality in the mix 

With each new team member, the company’s personality becomes more vibrant from the inside, as this mix of unique personality traits is animating our work life (and beyond). Starting the year with 7 power devs, and almost doubling it by the end of the year with 6 more professionals, was one of our biggest accomplishments — seeing the team fall into place.

And to stand by this statement, our most used word on our Slack channel was WELCOME.

You can also call us busy bees. 🐝

As we witnessed a sustained and steady growth within our company this year, it had also much to do with the way the world has turned around. Once an enabler, in 2020 technology has become the differentiating factor for many businesses, as it was the main connecting factor between us. Digitalizing and becoming tech-savvy were no longer seen as far away concepts, but as vital ones for societies to further develop.

This was the case with Sensidev also, and we observed an increase in the demand for technology projects on the market. Therefore, our activity increased as well, bringing new projects on the table and new perspectives on the horizon. We have worked on a total of 10 projects in 2020, from which 4 were new and 3 were successfully accomplished within the same year.

Or put in numbers as following:

    • 1000+ user stories delivered
    • 600+ bugs fixed
    • >15k hours spent coding
    • >300k lines of code 💪

We tried new things.

They say the road to success is to constantly challenge yourself, by trying new things, don’t they?

2020 was also the year when we understood the power of a well-defined brand, and how we have to showcase our values to the world. And what better way to do this than through social media? Jokes aside, we defined our brand strategy and developed an online presence that can resemble us as a company and make it easier for outsiders to understand our activities and mission. Therefore, here a few new things on our digital calendar for this past year:

→ we rebranded Sensidev and gave it a more mature look to match our expertise, but included our playful side as well

→ we launched our new site, you can now find out all about us at

→ if you’re more on the aesthetic side, we added one more social, meaning Instagram — @sensidev_

→ launched our monthly newsletter, where we’ll send our technical discoveries. You can subscribe here .

🌎 Global is our middle name. 

From the beginning of Sensidev, we have worked on international projects and always loved the diversity that comes with interacting with different cultures and concepts. Not only that this aspect equips us with a thorough understanding of the industry, but it also keeps the element of surprise alive and refines our dev skills.

This past year, we have worked on projects from 8 different countries and 3 continents. Looking forward to conquering more parts of the world with our lines of code!

What’s to look forward to in 2021?

One of our major focuses of this year is to become an active part of the local community and discover more passionate developers whom we can change ideas with. The first step in doing this is our newsletter, called Dev Thoughts, which is directed to professionals who want to learn tangible insights and maybe share their piece of the story as well.

The second step is soon to be revealed. Stay in touch with us, especially if you’re a fellow dev!

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