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DevTalks 2024 Aftermath

by Sensidev & Iulian Arabagiuabout 1 month ago 7 min read

In Romania's thriving IT industry, the yearly DevTalks conference is a major event, and this year was no exception. Bringing together hundreds of attendees, prominent figures from the business, and tech aficionados, DevTalks 2024 was an inspirational and insight-filled event. 

We asked Sensidev's Growth Guru, aka our Managing Partner Iulian Arabagiu what were his thoughts on the main conclusions from the conference and how they may help Sensidev achieve even greater success in the future.

Dive right in:

What were some of the most valuable insights you gained from DevTalks in terms of future business opportunities or strategies?

The Tech ecosystem is definitely bouncing back from a tough 2023, the signs are all there and pretty obvious: foreign companies with hundreds of employees opening up branches in RO in 2024, a large number of jobs from IT Outsourcing firms are available, as they are looking to attract talent for US, UK and Western Europe-based projects – it’s been a good 6 months. Fingers crossed for more of the same!

Did any of the talks spark ideas for how we can improve our own internal processes or technologies?

Indeed, we do need to keep our EB and Talent Attraction processes tightly connected to what our peers and colleagues are doing, as the talent pool is just as competitive as always. 

On the upside, there is more and more ‘young blood’ (albeit inexperienced – obviously nothing wrong with that) entering the industry, which brings interesting perspectives for collaboration and covering positions with bright individuals. 

Regarding technologies, we need to keep an eye out for Automation and AI deployment to stay at the forefront of the tech wave and stay caught up.

Were there any emerging trends related to Sensidev’s services that could impact our business model?

It would seem there is a shift towards building and releasing products rather than doubling down on outsourcing efforts, but this does need to be studied and taken with a pinch of salt –  not all companies can undergo this transformation and nor is it advisable to, as there is still a large demand for skilled devs to work on awesome, meaningful, interesting projects.

What were some of the most exciting IT trends you observed at the conference?

Obviously, AI adoption is a hype and a buzzword, if I were to pinpoint anything in particular, this would be it.

How can we leverage these trends to stay competitive and innovative in the tech industry?

If we understand that there is a huge market and need for companies all over the world to adopt AI-driven automation to improve their processes, and make them more efficient, with a direct impact on ROI and freeing up valuable time for their current employees to tackle those truly meaningful, non-repetitive and time-consuming tasks, thus incorporating in our service offering products and services that respond to this need, we’ll definitely thrive for the foreseeable future.

Did any of the talks or networking sessions offer inspiration on how to improve our company culture or employee engagement?

Indeed, I was particularly impressed with the EB efforts of some of our peers, with a sincere shoutout to Playtika, Google and I’ve taken down a few notes and will be definitely discussing them with our awesome HR Team so that we can keep on rocking!

Were there any leadership or management strategies presented that resonated with you?

Accountability, ownership, non-intrusive leadership, unconditional support and availability have been recurring themes for the past few years and 2024’s event was no different. I fully support such approaches.

Overall, what are your biggest takeaways from DevTalks that can have a significant impact on Sensidev, as a stronger and more successful business?

We definitely need to keep innovating and adapting to both Client needs and colleagues’ expectations. Also, happy to report that Agile is definitely not dead, on the contrary, it needs to be beefed up and widely deployed in order to provide visibility, transparency, ownership and context to all parties.


As the interview comes to an end, we hope you enjoyed the main learnings from DevTalks and how they might apply to Sensidev. 

In order to meet changing client needs and employee expectations, we observe the significance of ongoing innovation and adaptability. Also, the ongoing applicability of Agile approaches, and how they improve ownership, visibility, transparency, and context inside the company are some of our main drivers and we’re happy to get these ideas validated at renowned conferences as well.

DevTalks 2024 provided a springboard for insightful discoveries and tactical guidance. Sensidev is well-positioned to have an exciting future, riding the tech wave and leaving a lasting impression on the industry. 

Come work with us and you’ll see! Contact us today 👉🏻

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