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A deep-dive into our agile structure

by Andreea Oproiuover 3 years ago 3 min read

Working in software development is at a faster pace than ever, so we’re facing a journey sprinkled with technical challenges and an ever-evolving business environment. With this in mind, when building the perfect team, we keep an eye on peers with skills such as adaptability, creative solving, and an eagerness to face challenges.

This leads us to how the Sensidev team is built and how it functions in order to meet the best outcomes. And speaking of outcomes, we want to introduce you to our agile approach, which is all about this.

Our team structure

Following the principles of cross-functionality and self-organization, Sensidev is an agile team, who values autonomy and creativity. We create a compelling vision for our crew, and working together transforms into a naturally flowing system when we follow the main principles of this methodology.

As we’re not big fans of processes and procedures and we don’t include them in our workflow — rather, we strive to adapt to changes than to limit ourselves to a strict and definitive plan.

So what’s the deal with this agile team?

The agile workplace has started to gain much interest through the years, as it’s proved to be more effective and suitable for the fast digital world we now live in, and especially among software companies. The common trait of such teams is that they have end-to-end accountability for specific outcomes and have freedom for decision, which usually empowers them to treat projects with more care and responsibility.

At the opposite end of the traditional and hierarchical companies, which have a clear structure of managers above managers, the structure of an agile organization is quite different and it actually stands on a flat framework.

This is how our team is structured:

Development Team — or our awesome builders, who build all the products that come out of Sensidev. Frontend and backend developers, testers and UI/UX designers, or anyone who has a direct implication to product development.

Product Owner — having a complete overview of the project, as well as an understanding of the end-user’s needs is his high priority. The Product Owner is the team member that can visualize the project from start to finish and prioritize tasks in order to match a seamless flow. Also, he always has in mind the customer’s requirements and knows how to pivot the team’s efforts in that direction.

Scrum Master — he is not a big fan of product roadblocks and will do anything to avoid them. The Scrum Master is the one who understands and supports our dev team and makes sure that our agile methodologies are well implemented.

Besides these classical agile roles, we've added a complementary role, which ensures a great dynamic within our team:

The Mentors — the Sensidev mentors are the ones who guide other team members in their professional and personal development, so they can continuously grow. Each of our devs has the freedom to choose this path, after he has become well-acquainted with the team and the company.

The benefits of this methodology

This methodology encourages high levels of transparency, as everyone is more accountable and responsible for their own work and doesn't have to do tasks without actually knowing their impact. Being provided with more freedom, but at the same time with more responsibility, our team members feel more empowered and also tend to self-discipline themselves.

As per the manifesto , we strive to build projects around motivated individuals, so one of our main goals is to keep our great colleagues motivated!

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