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Back to school: learning gone digital

by Andreea Oproiualmost 3 years ago 5 min read

Little did we know that our lives will be completely shifted within a 2-year range. But here we are now, with the widest digital presence we have ever had and looking towards an even more technology-rich future.

Going back to an overstressed fact, we can’t come to ignore that most industries have changed and if you don’t add a digital dimension to your business now, it is most likely losing you potential customers. Or in the case of the not-for-profit sector, not adding more digital possibilities can cause its counterparts to stay behind the curve.

One of the major activities that have suffered great changes is going to school. With a prior attendance of 100% physical, this activity was forced to embrace a digital reality that wasn’t its go-to.

What is the new flow for schools?

Online courses. Online collaboration. Online cross-check.

This is how the past two years have looked like for both students and teachers. The school sector has had to learn how to foster a healthy space for learning and collaborating online. Teaching students has always been a challenge, so given the current situation, professionals have come to find new ways of doing it and leverage the current possibilities.

This is where technology comes to the rescue.

Even if there are many downsides to this situation, where you deprive students of being part of a physical collective that encourages learning, there are also positive notes. They can focus better, they have more time and they can stay longer on tasks, without being interrupted.

With the help of technology and new-age tools, you can create a safe space for teaching and learning. On top of that, professors have more tools at hand to make their lessons more interactive and engaging. From video presentations to active polls or one-on-one sessions with students, they are enabled with a wide range of teaching possibilities.

Is digital learning here to stay?

Digital learning has become a part of our daily lives, and schools and universities can’t operate without it now.

According to the latest statistics :

  • In 2021, 75% of schools are planning to operate online.
  • Since 2020, 98% of universities have moved classes online.
  • As of 2020, it is believed that 98% of corporate learning will take place online.

Due to the pandemic, virtual learning has been normalized and it is here to stay, beyond the boundaries of necessity. Besides schools, people now embrace online learning to extend their skills and this has become a central part of many people’s lives, especially the ones in fast-growing environments.

Collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking are just some of the factors that these tech solutions must foster in order to be efficient, but the interest in such solutions is encouraging.

Be part of the digital learning movement

There are many online apps and tools for teaching , as well as many platforms for online learning , but the interest in them is on a continuous rise. In fact, there are high expectations for this market by 2025 .

Do you think you can add value to the digital learning sector with an innovative solution? Let’s make it a reality.

We animate ideas through customized software solutions. Contact us to be part of the digital learning movement!

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