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Does Your Business Need Digital Transformation?

by Andreea Oproiuover 3 years ago 3 min read

Technology has made its way into our lives fastly in the past decades. Gone are the days when you had no other choice than to travel to a certain place if you wanted a particular item of clothing, have a business meeting or even a medical consultation in some cases. Today is fast-paced and it’s one click away.

So why do businesses need digital transformation? First of all, if we consider this point in time, during a pandemic, and after most of the globe has had to spend their time indoors, without their usual activities—consumer behaviour has changed a lot. Second of all, the way our societies have evolved and how everything has become global, people have started to feel a need for interconnectedness.

If they want to stay relevant during these times, digital transformation has become a vital part of a business. From interacting with their clients/users to assuring they can have access to their services/products at all times is what this process is about.

Customer Centricity

The satisfaction of clients is what makes a business successful. But becoming customer-centric is not an easy task and it requires attention to their behaviour, both positive and negative.

Digital transformation not only helps you become more responsive to your customers’ needs, but it also creates a better process for profiling their data. With the help of these new findings, businesses can adapt their content and their customer support, in order to be more personalized, faster and more consistent.


After defining the priorities of a company, some of its processes can become automated, when digital. This way, the business can run ceaselessly where there is no need for human intervention, and the clients/users can have their way around your online presence.

Business Intelligence

Data always has a better idea, and it can speak for your business. The number of consumers that interact with your company online can deliver quality statistics about the strong and low points you present. Once this information is gathered, the decision making within your company gets easier, as you can see actual results when going in one direction or another.

Besides the customers’ statistics, the data gathered through your digital experience can help you identify new trends on the market and your competitors’ strategies.

Brand Management

Nowadays, a brand is not a brand if somebody can’t Google it. Building a brand image and maintaining it implies that you actually exist on the Internet map and are active enough for your users/clients to identify what you have been doing in the recent months.

Think of it this way: an outstanding web or mobile app attracts users → the users interact with it → they ultimately convert into customers.

Digital transformation is vital for businesses nowadays so they can maintain an active relationship with their customers, apply their needs to their products/services and automate the processes where human interaction isn’t actually needed.

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