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Debugging the myths of employment — at Sensidev

by Andreea Oproiuabout 3 years ago 3 min read

It’s time to address these myths that are circulating for some time now in the employment environment, and especially within desk-working jobs: many companies offer certain promises in their job postings, but these ultimately end being not-so-real benefits, if you read between the lines or, worse, when actually start working for them.

At Sensidev, we encourage and promote full transparency and, we want to go beyond this disservice created by other industry peers who don’t raise up to their words. We’re a company that actually delivers all its promises, with no downside to them.

We talk the talk and walk the walk, and here are the actual benefits of working with us:

Fair Pay ‘cause we’re Fair Play

In an ideal world, this should be the de facto model for every company or collaborator you work with, but we know that in reality, that's not actually the case. Long nights, early mornings, or hours spread each and there, end up being ignored and not remunerated correspondingly within many work environments.

At Sensidev, you are in charge of your own hours and tracking them. We all use Clockify to keep count of our workload, and at the end of the month, the remuneration is directly proportional to your hours of work.

Remote Work makes the Dream Work

You know the drill — 2020 forced most of us, the desk-working part of the globe, to organize our jobs remotely, and now many companies include remote work as a part of their employment description.

But guess what? We won't promise remote work just until we can all safely return to our offices because we’re well accustomed to it as we’ve been working remotely even before this major crisis. You can choose to work from anywhere — home, cafés, you name it! You can even exchange pictures from the beach with your mentor because that's how we roll.

Flexible Schedule so you don’t have To Reschedule

Dentist appointments. Kids pick-ups from school. Coffee meetings with friends.

There are endless motives for which all professionals need some time out from work, and most companies consider that a one-hour-off leave is usually enough to cover all of these.

Truth be told, your preferred time to work is actually not an important aspect to us. You can do it the first thing in the morning or the latest at night, and we won't have any problem with that! Bonus points: we all have different schedules, so you'll find a colleague online at any hour of the day/night!

Startup Culture for a Good Infrastructure

(Yeah, we know, this one was a bit far-fetched, but it is what it is.)

After all the previously mentioned, we guess you got the idea that we're not the usual 9-to-5 company. We believe in creative problem-solving and always create the right space and context for everybody to share their ideas and come with their own input to the projects they work on.

Sensidev thrives on a Startup Culture, and we're true believers that the first step to a successful outcome is to have all your internal values aligned.

Curious to be part of our team? Check out our open positions at

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