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How to Thrive on Company Culture

by Andreea Oproiuover 2 years ago 3 min read

Discover what company culture is, how to reinforce it within your team and how to drive your business forward on this premise.

As a team of experienced coders, we have our own personal code that drives us each day to deliver the best outcomes and collaborations.

Think of it as the foundation of a house. Every house has its own aesthetics and functionality, but the foundation is its core and most defining aspect.

This is our foundation. We stand on culture code.

What Is a Company Culture/Culture Code?

Every company starts with an idea. That idea usually comes from one or more aspiring entrepreneurs who see the world in a unique way and want to contribute with this particular vision to their area of expertise.

In conclusion — what’s the foundation of this company? A set of values, goals and vision that form the company culture.

Our culture code is the set of attitudes and behaviours that defines the way we interact with each other, with our clients and with our work. At the end of the day, it helps us be aware of our mission and contribute to a better work environment and software quality, by building with care.

How to Reinforce it within Your Team

Company culture isn’t built from one or two people, it is cultivated from the entire team. So even though its initial founders have their well-defined set of values and elements to run this business, all the team members contribute with a piece to this collaboration pie.

How to include your team in cultivating the company culture?

→ Always keep the conversation open and invite your colleagues to be part of it.
Statistics show that 70% of employees quit their jobs because of poor communication at their workplace. It is important to make communication a top priority at your company and make everybody feel included. What does your company culture look like or mean to every one of your team members — has to be an ongoing process and not a done deal.

→ Establish a well-defined purpose.
Strategies are known to be most effective when they have a clear goal. And your business is no exception to this rule, on the contrary.

Knowing exactly what they are working on and why they are working on those certain objectives, gives your team a sense of purpose and helps in eliminating blockages. Some core activities that sustain this process are setting clear expectations and holding regular meetings to be kept in the loop with one another’s progress.

→ Lead by example.
We are an agile team, and by default, we don’t believe in hierarchical teams, but we do believe in leadership.

We believe in leadership as a way of providing the right context and means for our team to come to their best professional selves. This is why it is important to lead by example, especially when we have new team members and they need a sense of direction to get a grip of this company.

Therefore, whatever your company culture is, the first step is to lead your values by example, and they will be successfully reinforced within your team.

Transform It into Your USP

Last but not least, your culture code is what makes your company different. The set of values, behaviours, tools, procedures, and every other aspect that enables your well-functioning, constitutes the unique selling point of your company.

For example, as a team of developers who strive to deliver the best-quality software services, our foundational values also set the difference for the quality of our work. With the mission of building with care, we always fine-tune our products until we deliver them in their best form.

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