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Rebranding, a Story of Sensidev —Then and Now

by Andreea Oproiuover 3 years ago 4 min read

Besides its functional benefits, a brand is made up of a set of traits which a certain audience can relate to and interact with. The same as it goes with people, brands have to keep up with currents and from time to time to give their appearance a fresh look, while standing on the same values. You wouldn’t cut your hair now the same you did in high school, would you?

Well, this leads us to the new story of Sensidev - same brand, but with a new look, to match our maturity, extended team and developed senses.

Since its foundation in 2012, the company has been growing organically, going through different stages of collaboration, projects and team efforts. What started as the founders’ pure mission to put their tech skills to work for ideas they believed in, fortified into a solid brand, which now is fueled by a small team of young and determined #sensidevs.

As we’ll get you through our rebranding story, you’ll see that we’re the same Sensidev, just upgraded. 🚀

Brand storyboarding

A well-defined brand story acts as the foundation for future growth, and it begins from within. Therefore, as our team has continuously extended, including this year — the first step we took in redefining our story, was to recheck our values: are they the same as when we started the company? what new configurations have been added along with new members? do we resonate the same with our workstyle as we did in the past?; then, we wanted to sync with our team -  yes, becoming part of a team means that you resonate on some level with it, but at the same time, each member has his own personality that brings something in the mix. And after going through all this process, we came to these five traits which can describe us the most:


We handle with care not just our code, but also all the ideas that go through our hands and always put ourselves both in the users’ and the clients’ shoes.


Being one step ahead of a problem is how you identify a #sensidev, and we’re committed to this mindset.


Transparency is the key to a fruitful collaboration, and therefore we strive to be above all transparent with each other and accountable for everybody’s input. Of course, we keep the same attitude in the relationship with all our partners and clients.


During our years of activity, we have worked with various industries, clients and projects, so collaborative is the only way there can be in our company.

And this is how the designer, Alin Vacian, transposed these four core qualities into perception:

We worked with a similar palette of colours that Sensidev had prior to this but adapted it to a more mature and determined tone while keeping its playful personality alive. Three characteristics that lead us to 👇

The story behind the new logo

Alin is the utmost perfectionist, so when it came to designing the new logo, he had to use the perfect ratio, meaning the golden ratio.

We have the following data: two founding members, two aspects they want their company to emphasize: confidence & joy and a golden ratio. What is the result?

“The symbol at-a-glance represents the first letter in Sensidev — the S letter built with the Golden Ratio. The two dots that complete the S symbolize the two founding partners: Lucian Corduneanu and Ionuț Movilă. The S represents the connection from turquoise (confidence) up to orange (joy), the partnership that created Sensidev as we know it today. The S symbol empowers an even greater connection as being flipped horizontally it unveils the letter 2, two founding partners, and two core values: confidence and joy.” says Alin Vacian.

The site

The final touch, our new site, presents what Sensidev is, has been and will continue to become. With no further introduction here, we’ll let you discover more about our team, services, projects and bits of our history.

Handle with care:

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