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Squeezing All the Developers Juice at revo.js 2023

by Lucian Corduneanu & Andreea Rugescu8 months ago 3 min read

The Sensidev team has had its hands full lately with a creative project — our very own podcast, called Zeamă de Developer . The only Romanian podcast about, with and for developers has kept us busy with interesting stories to tell and most importantly: to host.

And the best news came when we found out there was a developer conference in town, where all the code wizards were about to meet up and make room for the latest news in the software industry, with a major focus on JavaScript.

Revo JS Conference is a two-day, single-track, community-driven, JavaScript Conference in Timisoara, Romania, which brings together a lot of bright minds from the software industry both on stage and off stage. This was a delight for our colleagues, and podcast hosts — Lucian Corduneanu and Andreea Rugescu who got there in a heartbeat to chat with these interesting devs.

"I've talked to various people, from developers to speakers, from juniors to seniors. Each with different and intriguing perspectives." says Andreea.

At revo.js, our hosts jumped into the deep end, engaging with a diverse range of devs. From seasoned developers to dynamic speakers, and even fresh-faced newcomers, each one had a unique story to tell.

Cracking the Code on Awesome Interviews: Our Favourite Takeaways

revojs hosts badges

In between many conversations, there were many takeaways as well. Andreea had several highlights that stuck in her mind — some funnier, some more serious:

• Burnout is a real issue, and we need to find a balance to avoid reaching that point.
• Some of the best ideas can come when you least expect them, like in the bathroom or during a shower.
• The importance of being or having a good mentor.

As our podcast hosts chatted with these tech-savvy individuals, they uncovered precious gems of knowledge. The reality of burnout hit close to home, emphasizing the need for a balanced work-life equation. Who would've thought that some of the most innovative ideas spring up in the unlikeliest of places, like mid-shower or bathroom musings? Moreover, the significance of mentors in the tech journey was an overarching theme that couldn't be ignored.

"Developers are shy but wonderful. They are creative and intelligent. They are complex in their analytical thinking, but simple people with good vibes. Developers are human beings, with challenges, needs and desires. Work environments can make or break the work-life balance. We all wrote spaghetti code at some point, and we iterated and reiterated to perfect it. That’s progress. Ideas come and go, mostly in the shower or toilet." — this may sound like a script to a soon-to-come dev sitcom, but in reality, these are the underlying thoughts of Lucian after attending revo.js and talking with his fellow devs.

He encountered developers of all shades, from the introverted geniuses to the social butterflies. They're wizards on the coding battlefield, yet they carry simplicity and good vibes in their hearts.

revo.js: Where the Dev Magic Happens

“An event like this contributes significantly to building a community. Gathering people under the same roof who share the same passion is truly amazing. Connections are formed, ideas are shared, and even the dramas are discussed. I'm glad I could be there and get a small glimpse into their stories.” says Andreea.

At revo.js, it's not just about soaking in killer talks from international tech gurus. It's where new speakers flex their skills like Caba Ciprian owning the stage for the first time. It's a playground for devs thirsty for knowledge and a safe space where struggles turn into shared laughter. The takeaway? Connecting with fellow devs, vibing to top-tier talks, and feeling the love from a community that gets the dev hustle.

While passing the mic to many devs at the event, some shied away from the limelight, while others grabbed the mic and turned the tables. But beneath it all, there was a shared vibe: a passion for code is the real deal, no faking allowed. Everyone's got the memo on the work-play balance, agrees that micromanagement is a buzzkill, and is all about that mental health check.

Closing the Codebook: Tales, Laughs, and Dev Connections

tales laughs dev connections

At the heart of revo.js, our hosts uncovered not just the techy stuff, but the real stories that make the dev world tick. From bathroom brainwaves to burnout busters, the conference was a wild ride.

revo.js? It's not just a tech party; it's where devs come together to swap stories, share laughs, and remind each other that behind every code snippet, there's a dev with a tale to tell.

Keep coding, keep laughing, and stay tuned for all the takeaways on:

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