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A founder, a developer, and an HR specialist meet at Techsylvania 2023

by Andreea Rugescuabout 1 year ago 4 min read

Well, the truth is that two of them are both founders and developers at the core. And that the three of us went together, and did not actually meet there. But for the sake of the story and imagination, bear with us, we’re going places with this.

A few days ago, we had the chance to attend Techsylvania , one of the leading tech events not only in our country but in the Eastern European region. For two days, Cluj-Napoca thrived with tech energy, from all the interesting attendees that work in the field to surprising experts on stage or all the startups and companies that were involved in the event. Me and my colleagues, Lucian and Ionut, had each their own takeaways from the event — and it was quite interesting that we each had a different perspective, I can say - based on our interests.

So here’s why a founder, a developer, and an HR Specialist:

Lucian Corduneanu, Chairman & Co-Founder Sensidev, saw Techsylvania more from a founder perspective

Luci was impressed by the community gathered in Cluj-Napoca, as well as the drivers behind many businesses there. His main takeaways revolve around strategy, business, and how to drive success for products. That’s why we called this the founder perspective:

Cultivating valuable connections: One of the highlights of Techsylvania 2023 was the opportunity to make connections with a diverse range of individuals. From investors and business owners to CEOs and surprisingly familiar faces, we found ourselves immersed in a melting pot of creativity and expertise. Notably, the event served as a reunion for Luci with members of his squash community from Cluj, providing a delightful twist.

Embracing the LLM approach: During an awe-inspiring talk by Victoria Albrecht , it became evident to Luci that many companies are shying away from training their own LLM (Language and Learning Model). Victoria revealed that unless an organization aspires for global dominance, the trend leans towards leveraging existing resources. This revelation shed light on an industry-wide perspective, prompting us to reevaluate our strategies and explore alternative paths to success.

Rethinking strategies for success: JP Castlin 's thought-provoking presentation on unconventional strategies powered us with a newfound perspective. JP emphasized that meticulously planning for success does not always drive the desired outcomes. Through an excellent and deep exploration, he challenged conventional wisdom, inspiring us to embrace a fresh approach to achieving our goals.

Spotlight on innovative startups: Techsylvania 2023 featured a vibrant exhibition hall, where we had the opportunity to explore the latest ventures and cutting-edge technologies. Among the standout startups, RitoKids caught Luci’s attention the most with their visionary ideas and innovative solutions.

Challenging assumptions and evolving perspectives: Engaging in thought-provoking discussions about Sensix (Luci’s ambient & energy startup), Techsylvania attendees challenged his perspectives on the pricing schemas. Sensix's offerings might be undervalued in the market. This is actually very valuable feedback and validation and something to work with starting now.

Ionut Movila, CEO & Co-Founder Sensidev, is always startled by his passion for technology, and Techsylvania delivered quality insights

Ionut is also a developer at the core, and very driven by technology and technology teams in particular. He gained great insights from some of the speakers on how to work with new technologies and how to connect global teams. Given that we also provide this at Sensidev — connecting our power dev teams with global projects, these perspectives are even more valuable for putting them into practice:

• In a captivating session titled "The 3 Key Rules of Building Globally Distributed Teams", delivered by Patrick Poels at Techsylvania 2023, one remarkable story emerged—Snyk's triumphant venture in extending their team of IT professionals into the Romanian market. Patrick shed light on the critical factor that made this expansion possible: the formation of a team centered around a single trusted individual.

The importance of this achievement, however, went beyond just creating a team. Poels showed that the company’s decision-makers had unshakable confidence in Romania's promise as a safe and successful country for fostering its growing workforce. Surprisingly, no questions were asked about Romania's proximity to Ukraine or the active crisis area.

• Patrick also brought up Snyk 's trip to Argentina as an interesting point. Despite their linguistic hurdles, they experienced outstanding technical expertise during this project. The brilliant answer required putting a bidirectional learning process in place. These talented coders were given English classes by Snyk, and the company also pushed its own US-based team members to take Spanish classes.

• These tactics illustrated the company's dedication to diversity, encouraging effective communication, and bridging geographical boundaries. Snyk’s success story at Techsylvania 2023 is proof of the revolutionary potential of creating globally distributed teams with unflinching trust, linguistic adaptation, and a solid belief in the potential of different talent pools.

Andreea Rugescu, Recruitment Specialist Sensidev, with all eyes and ears on how to build better teams and connect with the greatest talent

As I work in HR and my daily objectives revolve around building the best team and connecting with the best talent around, I was happy to have a lot of insights on this topic at Techsylvania 2023. Here are my main takeaways:

Let your career choose the company: It is crucial to prioritize your career goals and aspirations when choosing a company to work for. Instead of letting a company dictate your career path, align yourself with an organization that can help you grow and thrive professionally.

The significance of a positive boss-employee relationship: Many individuals tend to stay loyal to a company because they have a good relationship with their boss. Recognizing the importance of a healthy working dynamic and mutual respect can contribute to increased job satisfaction and loyalty.

Embrace mistakes and learn from them: Rather than avoiding mistakes, it is crucial to embrace them as valuable learning opportunities. By acknowledging and understanding our errors, we can grow both personally and professionally.

The drawbacks of a toxic "Battlefield promotion" concept: The idea of promoting individuals without adequately preparing them or providing the necessary skills can lead to a toxic work environment. Instead, it is essential to invest in people's development and equip them with the skills needed for their roles.

Understanding the true meaning of strategy: The concept of strategy was explored, highlighting its importance in guiding decision-making and achieving long-term goals for individuals and organizations alike.

Bottom Line

Techsylvania 2023 made a lasting impression on us by building new relationships, kindling innovative passions, and inspiring new perspectives. Both established industry heavyweights and up-and-coming entrepreneurs could display their innovations and perspectives at the event. As we say goodbye to this year's event, we look forward to the next edition of this incredible gathering of tech fans and visionaries and grow more excited about what the future may bring.

Oh, and let’s not forget all the fun we had! Here are pics to prove it:

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