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Sensidev recognized as a Clutch Leader among development companies

by Ionuț Movilăabout 2 years ago 3 min read

“Build with care” has been a lifelong motto for Sensidev, and we stick to it to this day. Not only has it driven us towards delivering outstanding work for our customers, but it has also brought the praise that usually comes after a period of hard work.

With this in mind, we’re grateful to be listed as a Clutch Leader, due to our customer service, determination to find creative solutions and proven history of project success. All these attributes that lifted us to this top of companies can actually be seen in our company values.

Which takes us to:

The Story of Sensidev

We’ve started this company back in 2012 with the aim of bringing to life digital experiences that have the potential to make a positive change. Fast-forwarding to 2022, we have built a strong portfolio of web & mobile development across many countries and have refined our skills with each new challenge.

The main values that stand by us each day are:

→ Attention to detail
Taking care of every aspect that goes into building quality software requires a great amount of attention to detail. We’re dedicated to creating only high-quality products and never leave a project out of our hands until we’re 100% satisfied with it.

→ Adaptability
Or the determination to find creative solutions, as Clutch stated. No matter how many projects, teams and customers we’ve dealt with — there is always a different dynamic that comes along with every new unfolding. We’ve made it a mission to find creative solutions and adapt in order to deliver the complimentary service to each project.

→ Efficiency
There is a saying in the world of agile workflow, that we strongly stand by — “Clarify first, execute later.” This perspective and way of working streamlines our endeavours and sets us on the path to efficiency.

What we do best

In an overcrowded digital world, where there are numerous software projects thrown into the world wide web every day, choose to work with somebody that will handle your project with care and will make sure that your idea aligns with the best outcome.

This is what makes us different at the end of the day, and we’re proud to deliver top-notch software services. Check out what we do best:

→ Frontend Development
→ Mobile Development
→ Backend Development

Practically, we put the Dev in Sensidev. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to build a project with care!

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