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The Story of a Sensidev with Ioana Echim

by Ioana Echimover 1 year ago 3 min read

We’ve come a long way together, and we’re always grateful for the people with whom we can build qualitative products, while also building a long-lasting professional relationship.

Therefore, we want to present you the story of a #sensidev and how our long-lasting relationships look like. Breaking the ice, we have Ioana Echim, our full-time world wanderer who has taken her coding to the highest mountains or the farthest beaches. Find out her story👇🏻

1. How did you start working in tech? Has this been your main direction in your professional life?

Ever since I was little, I had an interest in computers. I made my first website about our family’s dog at 13. My dad has a part in this, since he is also very passionate about IT. After finishing high school, it was clear to me that I should be going to a computer science college, since that was the field I felt the best at. One thing that was worrying me about having tech as my profession was the time spent at the office, for long hours. This changed though when I realized how much flexibility this field actually can give by working remotely. In my opinion it can be one of the most flexible well paid jobs anyone can have.

2. What do you love most about your job?

What excites me a lot about my job is the satisfaction it gives me when I’m solving something I’ve been working on, when I discover new things and ideas while working on a task, functionality or project. I like how I can design my own ideas and then write code. I am also an artistic person, and programming brings up in me the creative part also.

As I mentioned before, one more important thing for me is flexibility and the fact that all I need to be able to work is a laptop/computer and internet connection.

3. Which are your most significant milestones since working with us?

Firstly I managed to do what I’ve been wishing for, for a very long time, I got to work on the front end! Even though I’ve had 6 years of Java background, it has been a big interest of mine to learn JavaScript, and I was very excited when I discovered React library. I had started working in React on a few personal projects before having this contract, but at Sensidev I became a full time React developer, which was a big wish of mine coming true in my professional life. So for me, the biggest milestone was and still is working with and learning new things about React.

Another milestone was learning how to manage and handle the remote working and the flexibility that comes with it. Since I’m a full time world traveller (digital nomad) I had to deal with arranging my time very well, working from different time zones and being put through so many diverse situations. The flexibility did help a lot, but I still had to make decisions about managing my work and also be on time with deadlines.

4. Let’s do an imagination exercise — if it were to set you aside from your colleagues, how would you describe you?

I would say I am the ‘Detailed’ programmer. I like and actually can’t stop thinking of all the details. Every time I’m developing something alone or with colleagues, I tend to spend a lot of time on the design part and on the requirements, trying to figure out all the possible cases. That also helps me at testing / finding bugs, since I can think of many ways something can go wrong… :) but also, at times, I’m getting just a little too much into details.

5. It’s your turn to ask us something. Or to add something. Your choice.

I enjoy the journey we have, and I hope we can reach new goals together. If I were to ask right now a question, it would be: what kind of project are you missing from the portfolio that you would really wish to have? It can be related to the technologies used, or to the field/ functionality, or any other detail that you wish to have in a project.


The story of a Sensidev continues. Stay in touch to find out more from the inside of our software powerhouse.

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