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We’re not just a software company, we’re a software Partner

by Andreea Oproiualmost 2 years ago 3 min read

The IT industry has had a huge boom in recent years, as we’re the more technology-driven by the day and digitalization is already complementing our day-to-day lives. But this boom also translates into a wide pool of options that can get confusing when trying to find the suitable software company for your idea/product. We’re here to say that the main differentiator for this should be the expertise and reliability of the software company in question — to the extent that you can call them a partner.

The software development partnership has a considerable impact on the entire project. Before doing anything else, it's important to make sure you have a game plan:
→ Is your envisioned solution a real problem?
→ How is your problem currently solved on the market?
→ Why is it a good time to build this solution?
→ Who is your ideal customer?
→ What does the MVP look like?

The needs of a particular development partnership facilitate the search, interview, and selection of development partners. That's why we're adding questions that need to be answered before you choose your partner. Our goal is to ensure long-term success by being the right software development partner, and we want to guide you through the necessary process when choosing this type of partnership.

Let’s get started:

What are the benefits of a software partner?

→ High-quality software development team: The process will be most efficient with the right team. Check out if the company has a proven portfolio in their development team.
→ Flexible team capacity and scalability: IT projects often require a diverse workforce that is difficult to find, especially for relatively short-term projects. With a trusted software development company, you can have a diverse software development team with all kinds of skills.
→ Domain knowledge: Of all that software development companies can offer to your business, domain knowledge is one of the most valuable. With a deep understanding of business, processes and industry, domain knowledge can accelerate development and reduce project costs, especially for complex projects.

How to validate software development expertise before partnering?

A software development company will frequently favour using particular technologies and focus on developing apps and solutions with them. This is advantageous, but there are also some aspects to keep an eye out on:

→ Deciding on a software development company that stays current with the tech stack. Innovations and fresh thinking are essential. The ideal software development firm you choose should have a strong drive to stay ahead of any new updates and modifications to their technical competence and technological stack.
→ Pay attention to their knowledge of software engineers. If React is required for your solution, look at React-specific dev houses. Locate a business that specialises in what you require. Due to the fact that no one is an expert in every field, this also means avoiding businesses with a wide range of specialisations.

Select a technology partner with a proven and dependable development process that relies on adaptive planning, prompt delivery, project updates, and clear communication tools. This implies that you are kept informed of everything that occurs throughout the course of the project.

What does the software development process look like?

The process will go smoothly and efficiently if you have the proper software development firm structure in place, and you'll be better equipped to handle obstacles that arise along the way. A project management methodology, such as the agile Scrum methodology , should be used by your developer partners. Additionally, your software development partner should keep you informed of the project's status, deliver working software daily and present a demo during each sprint.

Selecting a software development partner who uses agile planning, sprint delivery, and project update methodology will guarantee that you are aware of what is going on at every level of the project's development.

Sensidev can build your projects with care.

Need to build end-to-end software applications with a complete cross-functional team? Sensidev offers full-cycle software product development. We take ownership and accountability of the project for decisions made during development. Project success is the only indicator that is really important to us.

We’re not just a software company, we’re a software partner. Give us a shout at if you want your project to be taken care of!

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