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Business Lens on Web Summit 2023: Strategic Insights for Business Growth

by Iulian Arabagiu8 months ago 3 min read

When you’re working in tech, conferences aren't just gatherings – they're strategic hotspots where industry titans meet, ideas ignite, and collaborations flourish. They're not just about flashy exhibits and fancy booths, they're where the real action happens. As a Business Development Manager, diving into these events isn't just another activity — it's a strategic move with a ton of benefits and, yeah, a few pitfalls too.

This November, Sensidev attended Web Summit 2023, and it’s been quite a surprise for all of us. The dimension of the event, the quality of the participants, the opportunities at hand, and, of course, the content, are otherworldly, to say the least.

But, of course, I apply a business lens to all we do, and I have a different perspective on such events, one that involves a strategic angle and ideally sets the stones for more business growth.

So, let’s dive into it:

Rethinking Goals: It's Not All About Sales

Here’s the lowdown: those big tech gatherings like Web Summit? They're not exactly a sales fair. Don't get me wrong, they're one of the biggest platforms for getting your brand out there, but if your ultimate goal is to convert, you might end up a bit disappointed. Think of them more as a billboard for your business than a cash register.

Smaller Events, Big Wins

web summit stage 2023

At these events, networking isn't just a buzzword, it's an art form. While larger events may seem overwhelming, they offer an extensive network of potential collaborators, investors, and clients. However, the true magic often unfolds in the quality of connections made. Smaller, curated sessions or focused networking events within the larger conference ecosystem can facilitate deeper, more meaningful connections that transcend insubstantial business card exchanges.

Because I have a cost-effective mindset, I must admit that my go-to still remains smaller events, where you can build quality connections, because you have a secure (meaning that you know you can’t lose your connections as you can surely can at a 70K+ attendees event) and more intimate context in which to network.

Keeping the Ship Steady: Availability in a Company Matters

Picture this: everyone who calls the shots in your company jetting off to a conference at the same time. Bad idea. Trust me, I’ve seen it.
The decision-making at Sensidev is split between me and my two colleagues and founders, Lucian Corduneanu and Ionut Movila . Both of them spent their Web Summit week in Lisbon, solidifying their expertise and business connections there. While I was tempted to go as well, I must say that it was one of the best decisions and best learnings not to: the ship needs a captain at all times to keep steady, and in the absence of a decision-maker, things can get blurry.

There is a fine balance of team availability, and you have to manage it by splitting team members to the events they are most suited to go to, and not sending the entire team to a single event.

To Conclude Web Summit 2023 with a Business Lens

So, here’s the deal — tech events? They’re not all glitz and glamour. They’re strategic moves that can seriously level up your business. From brand awareness to actual connections and insights that move the needle, they’re worth diving into headfirst.

But, of course, as I’ve mentioned here, it’s best to have the entire perspective in mind when attending such large events: are they your cup of tea? which team member can benefit most from this experience and also add value to the company? who are the best professionals to network there? And many more.

Have you attended Web Summit 2023? Let’s keep the conversation going. Contact us at 👉🏻

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