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What Is a Request for Proposal and Why Do You Need It

by Andreea Oproiuabout 2 years ago 3 min read

Let’s take the following situation: you’ve got a mobile project and are looking for mobile app development services, which means it's time to start looking for providers.

For complex services like development, a mobile app request for proposal (RFP) is usually regarded as the cornerstone. Finding the proper mobile app development business can be challenging, but an RFP streamlines the process by eliminating the weak links and connecting you with the ideal fit for your needs.

What Is a Request for Proposal?

A mobile app RFP is a document that both you and the app development vendor use to determine what your project's requirements are. This document serves as the contract's statement of work. A detailed mobile app RFP will assist you in receiving more accurate information about your project. You'll also be able to choose the best development partner for your project, rather than one that appears talented but isn't suited to work within the limits of your project.

Why Do You Need an RFP?

It is quite uncommon for a company to merely require development services. When it comes to RFPs, it's normal for individuals to get too caught up in specific app features and overlook the overall picture. Beyond the technical specifications of the product, your RFP will want extra information.

The first question you should ask is what is the primary business problem you're trying to solve with the product, and what is the existing procedure you're using to accomplish it. Also, what are your current concerns with the current system? It's critical to explain how you plan to transform your business strategy into a successful mobile strategy.

The RFP gives you the overall perspective that goes beyond your idea and determines if at the end of the day your desired projects suit your budget, expectations and resources.

How to Get Started with Your RFP

In your mobile app RFP, be sure to include enough information. To accomplish so, you must first determine what you want in your app. If you work with an experienced app development business, they will provide recommendations for the app's functionality; nevertheless, you must provide enough information for them to grasp the overall requirements.

A comprehensive mobile app RFP removes ambiguity and lays the groundwork for a project that is more likely to be completed on time and on budget. Your collaborators will have a better understanding of what you want, which will lead to more accurate price and timeline estimates. RFPs also reduce the likelihood of unforeseen complications arising throughout the project, which has the added benefit of saving time once the project begins.

What to include?

Make sure to go through this checklist when writing your request for proposal:

1. Executive summary of the project
The project overview aims at unravelling your project’s main goal and specifics, so potential vendors can identify if they’re a match.

2. Company overview
Within the company overview, you should clarify how you meet your target market with the services or products that you provide and what makes your company different.

3. Targeted audience
Your target audience helps vendors better identify your niche and connect with how you want to deliver your business.

4. Project scope, list of tasks or technology needed
What is it that you ultimately want to accomplish with this project, and which are the main tasks to build this? Also, the technology needed is nice to have on an RFP, but it is not necessary, as you can lately identify together with your vendors.

5. Business deadlines or goals
These services need to align with your overall business strategy, and therefore the milestones need to be accounted for in the RFP.

6. Assumptions, limitations or risks
Budget, deliverables or any other factors that directly influence the project’s progress should be communicated upfront.

Bottom Line

Finally, the quality of the responses you receive will be influenced by the quality of your mobile app RFP. The more information you submit, the more likely you are to receive proposals that accurately express vendor capabilities, including a more realistic timeframe and price estimate, and assist you in selecting the best business for your project.

The better the RFP, the more chances for your mobile app to get built with care. Contact us and let’s see what best fits your needs!

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