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A Dive into Product Growth Dynamics with Lucian Corduneanu at Prow 2023

by Lucian Corduneanu7 months ago 3 min read

In the emerging world of product innovation, Prow 2023 has become one of our local go-to’s in order to dissect the latest in product growth. Our team took a toll at the beginning of this month and went to this conference to solidify their product visions, make new connections, and gain new perspectives from international experts in this industry.

prow stage 2023

Lucian Corduneanu, our Chairman & Co-Founder, was inspired by this event and has many takeaways to share. Take a ride through the world of product, through Lucian’s lens:

Networking in Overdrive

Networking took centre stage at Prow 2023, where familiar faces and newfound connections seamlessly merged. From introducing Sensix at our booth to sharing insights during the launch break with the #sensidevs team, the day was a whirlwind of excitement and meaningful encounters. Discussions spanned critical topics, from demystifying self-organized teams to navigating the dynamics of mixed software development teams, all while contemplating the nuances between estimating methods and the roles of Product Owners and Product Managers.

"Done is Better Than Perfect": Unpacking Raul Geana's Insights

While I regret not catching every talk, "Done is better than perfect" by Raul Geană left a lasting impression. Geană's insights into the urgency of shipping, the focus on MVPs, and the art of avoiding analysis paralysis resonated deeply with our development philosophy. It served as a poignant reminder to prioritize product-market fit before delving into extensive enhancements.

Navigating Audience Engagement: A Curious Founder's Approach

prow audience 2023

Engaging with the diverse audience at Prow was both an art and a science. Navigating from group to group, introducing myself, actively listening, and injecting valuable questions into discussions proved to be an effective strategy. The genuine curiosity that drives me was a perfect fit for the attendees' openness to discussions about business, products, software, startups, and more.

Unlocking Value: Prow's Impact on Sensix

Beyond being a networking hub, Prow became a catalyst for business opportunities. Conversations with a potential Sensix client shed light on the compatibility of the OrangeFab startup program. The event also yielded a new guest for our podcast, "Zeama de Developer ". More than business, Prow offered the invaluable human experience of spending quality time with friends, partners, and colleagues, discussing shared interests in a dynamic and inspiring environment.

And Finally: A Salute to Prow

In closing, a heartfelt congratulations to the Prow organizers for curating an outstanding event. Prow 2023, hosted in our hometown of Timișoara, the 2023 Europe’s Cultural Capital, added a unique layer of significance. Thanks for fostering an environment where business prowess converges seamlessly with genuine human connection.

This is a peek view at our experience at Prow. Stay tuned as we’ll unveil more of our adventures in the world of business and tech. Next stop 📍Web Summit, in Lisbon.

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