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Externalizing your software development can actually be a power move

by Andreea Oproiuabout 3 years ago 5 min read

Working with third-party vendors can sometimes take you out of your comfort zone, but it ultimately proves to be actually more efficient and trustworthy. Companies spend a lot of their time investing in their in-house professionals, which become accustomed to all their methodologies and business needs, and this is a major reason why they aren't always open to outsourcing.

We want to combat this perspective and prove that working with an external team, especially in software development (and especially with us 🦄), presents a lot of benefits:

1. Better code quality

Working with an external software development company can spare you of some responsibilities, such as constantly checking in with your devs, and evaluating their work. With almost 10 years of background in this industry, our team is made of seasoned devs, from senior to beginners, and we don't let anything leave our hands if it is not in its best form.

Also, because the company's founders and managers are developers, with proven expertise themselves, they can assure that the entire team's well-aligned with the best code quality standards.

2. Team Flexibility

Remote work is based on the premise of flexibility from the start. At Sensidev, we also combine it with an agile development methodology, which enables us and our clients to be less restrictive and adapt to challenges on the go. We can start a project without a rigidly defined scope, add or remove features along the way, and quickly scale the team with additional devs, whenever the workload requires it.

3. Extensive Perspectives

Being well-aligned and deeply rooted in a company's perspective, by following its mission, values or business ideals is a positive aspect, until you need an outer perspective as well.

By working with an external team, you can gain new perspectives, as they can look at your project from different angles. For example, during our extensive period of working in software development we have handled various projects from all over the world — an aspect that has equipped us with versatility and a thorough perception of different users' needs. Therefore, when dealing with a new project now, we have a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are most suitable for it, what features work better or how we can maximize the product's outcome.

If you're feeling stuck, there's a safe way out — start working with an external team, which will act as your extensive pair of eyes! 👀

4. Reduced Operational Costs

Here's another theory that usually stands better on paper than in practice — “Let's hire more team members, it will be less resourceful than working with external ones!”

For starters, we highly encourage everyone to extend their teams, grow and especially create more job opportunities. But if you're looking to work on a certain project, and have operational costs in mind, turning to an external software development company is actually more beneficial, and here's why:

  • Plug & Play — meaning after we discuss all the details, we can start collaborating upfront. No need for recruitment processes or special onboarding. You can think of us as an extra plug-in to your team.
  • Less Bureaucracy: working with an already-made team also saves you from all the paperwork and contracts you would need to do otherwise. We're using transparent time-management tools, which show you how much time we dedicate on each task, so we'll reduce all the paperwork to just the necessary ones: contract; detailed tasks and invoice.
  • Without the need for on-site staff, you actually reduce your operational costs significantly: no need for extra equipment, assistance or space. We have all the resources you need.

5. End-to-End Delivery

Often, companies are not able to handle all the requisite software development steps internally, due to lack of staff, cognizance or expertise.

One of the major benefits of working with a complete software team is that we already have the entire workflow well-aligned and all the intrinsic members in our team to take care of a software product. Front-End Developer (web and mobile), Back-End Developer, QA Tester, Product Owner, UI/UX Designer — you name it! All our skills put-together can deliver a seamless software solution, not to mention that we work really well together and therefore take a great interest in our projects.

Interested in adding the extra element to your team? Drop us a line at!

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