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Why Work with React in Web Development

by Andreea Oproiuabout 2 years ago 3 min read

The technology world is the most fast-paced, and it can sometimes become confusing even for developers as to which tools, frameworks or libraries to use. Moreover, as a software company, we’re dealing with different types of projects, each with different needs, so the choice of the right technology stack can be challenging.

This is one of the core reasons why choosing a flexible library to work with is an important step in the life of a dexterous developer.

At Sensidev, the most popular tech stack due to its flexibility and efficiency is React. We’re currently a handful of developers working with React, and we’re delighted to have this tool by our side.

What Is React?

React — “a JavaScript library for building user interfaces”.

React is a component-based JavaScript library, that makes it easy to build user interfaces. Anything a user uses to interact with a website, such as a button, a link, menu tabs, or search bars, is referred to as the User Interface or UI. Front-end developers can leverage React's large range of UI components to create personalized interactive pieces.

React is mostly used to create an application's View Layer (which includes all the portions of a page that are visible to users). One of its superpowers is that it is constantly evolving and improving with new features, performance optimizations and feedback from developers.

Many people refer to React as a framework rather than a library, and they are not totally wrong. After all, React is more than just a collection of pre-written functions and code snippets. React and React Native may now be used to create complete applications for web browsers and smartphones.

If you want to find out even more, visit their dedicated blog post with all the details about React .

Why Work with React?

“I stumbled upon it one day and realized that you can build websites, apps and also the backend for them and that was very valuable to me, being able to share that skill everywhere and build anything.”

And so the story begins. We asked our #sensidevs that are currently working with React, why they chose it, and most answers were around this flexibility.

It is best used for:
→ Web applications
→ Mobile Apps
→ Dashboards and other data visualizations web tools
→ Static Websites

React is a multipurpose library that can handle all of your frontend requirements. It has a lot of capabilities and will be an excellent choice for web app development. React components and templates are ideal for generating a great user experience and keeping traffic flowing. For dynamic web interfaces and cutting-edge user interaction, the React library is a go-to.

And to paint an even better picture, this is the description we get from our #sensidevs when conducting a simple imagination exercise: how would you describe React if it were a friend?

“React is that type of friend that you know it's there for you on the good and bad days also. It will never let you down!”

Join Our React Team 🚀

Our skilled React team is always extending as this is the preferred library component for the majority of our projects and there’s always a place to shine for the next React #sensidev.

If you want to join the team and test your skills, let’s team up: ReactJs developer

We’re also working with a lot of different tech stack and have seasoned developers among us that can help you refine your skills if you want to go on a different path. Check out all the open jobs and hive us a shout!

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